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Google MapQuest Maps & Microsoft Bing Maps: An comparison written by: nirmal337 digital maps' popularity is in its peak today. With the support of mapping programs, Internet users can access the location and directions of destinations that they wish, within a single click. Umpteen amounts of online mapping services are accessible now, and we are comparing three elite ones from the rapid growing Microsoft Bing Maps; Google Maps, mapquest and that record.

Interface Quality: Most of the Internet users consider Google Maps as the standard to compare other mapping services. Google Maps has established an Industry standard and it's undoubtedly. Google Maps' home page welcomes you with a search box port. The design is simple, and individuals with below average computer literacy too can navigate through Google Map webpages.

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On the flip side, searching destinations and places in Bing is harder. It doesn't mean that it's a job but it's not so easy as it's in Google Maps. You can enter the place which is to be searched in the search box.

Mapquest is not that user friendly, and searching for places in this mapping service is complicated in nature. As a user, you will be compelled to fill four things in your address column. Should you wish to get instructions from that point, then, you will find a box.

Direction Clarity: Google Maps is known for handling other address, company names and address with its top artificial intelligence. However, the direction clarity in Google maps is not that amazing, and it may deceive the users.

MapQuest has an upper hand over Google Maps as it has to do with direction clarity. It's those simple to scan icons for merging or turning left. Among the significant cons in mapquest is seeing its screen. This mapping service absorbs the entire screen, and this often compels the user to scroll down to get directions.

Microsoft Bing is the fanciest pick if you wish to acquire management clarity. However, it has a crucial failure in this region, as it does not enable the user to test direction once results are shown. You should go back to the search page, even should you wish to reverse the routes. mapquest driving directions

Traffic Information: Bing, Google Maps and Mapquest utilize exactly the color scheme if you've triggered the traffic overlay. Green is going to be displayed for 'No Problems', while Black indicates 'You are not going anywhere'. However, to make things clear, we ought to inform that Google is the pioneer in this region. They are famous for providing info to the most comprehensive traffic data. Google Maps can help you analyze the traffic in a route. Google also has the capacity to project future traffic based on data.

Street policy of mapquest is as competitive as Google's Map, however, the info in this mapping service is quite difficult to read. The overlay lines in mapquest are too wide, and it may not have the ability to give you the particulars of the road that's highlighted. In some cases, green and red traces will be put side by side, and it will confuse the user .



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As it comes to traffic details bing stands behind Mapquest and Google Maps. Bing lines have been drawn thinly and it creates hard for the user to get traffic.

The Last Verdict

Google Maps can be considered as the greatest winner in all areas we have examined. Bing is showing its mettle, once Streetside project becomes popular among masses, and things may have a new turn. Mapquest lags in many locations behind Bing and Google Maps, but everybody thinks that they will soon bounce back with fashion.